Captive Foraging DVD

This innovative DVD has changed the way caretakers view their captive birds. Based on the model of natural foraging instincts of all animals, author and videographer Dr. Scott Echols introduces the concept of including a foraging tree in a bird’s enclosure for environmental enrichment.

This DVD is no longer available for purchase.  However, we have decided to make the video free for everyone!

The video describes how a foraging tree can potentially reduce the incidence of unwanted behaviors in captive birds. Also included are step-by-step directions on how to use a foraging tree as well as safe foraging toys for birds. The separate ‘Special Features’ section details scientific information about the bird species included in the program and author’s commentary on the video.

Topics covered include understanding the natural foraging instinct of all animals; preventing unwanted behaviors, such as feather destruction and repetitive functionless activity; designing a foraging tree for captive birds; and creating foraging toys — from basic to advanced — to keep birds occupied and happy.