1. I like the case holder for the DVD; nice photos, graphics and Table of content

2. I like the length of the DVD (duration).

3. Michelle Beckley does a nice job discussing specialty pet stores. She speaks clearly, perhaps just a little fast; probably ok for the basic information. I wanted her to mention why rummage sales, pet fairs and other sources can be a risky source(s) to procure pets, foods and supplies. The broom and the mop used in the DVD do not look very clean. The broom is quite nasty looking in my view. I very much liked her discussion about veterinarian resources and post purchase exam recommendations. Her discussion of the stores feeding protocol is good but seems like she is reading script. A smoother delivery would be a bit more professional and seem authorative. I absolutely like the inclusion about the importance and value of purchase of weaned birds. The socialization and behavior information is very well done.

4. I liked Tom Edling’s tone of voice and rate of delivery. He seems like a great authority that the viewer can trust. Did not seem read. I liked his discussion of cage/environment in the facility as well as characteristics of evaluating birds for health, socialization, identification and species selection. I like the comment about leg band removal. I like the return of bird policy comments. Disease transmission is well discussed for a basic DVD. The zoonotic disease discussion is great.

5. I like Tom’s advice on a physical exam in the store before  purchase and I especially like his recommendation to go home and to return,  consider plan to go back and reevaluate the potential purchase. He stressed  responsibility of owners.

6. My critical comment is that the photos of Tom have a light  reflection on the right side of his face and distracting ropes behind him.  Minor issue, but less professional appearance in my view.

7. Laurie Hess seems very authorative as did Tom. I liked the  discussion of beak anatomy, trimming and veterinary benefits in this process.  For some odd reason, I always trimmed nails with abrasives like diamond dental  burs. I would not encourage owners to use dremmels and cautery devices, but  that is me. I would emphasize professional nail trimming more. I like the  discussion on wing trimming and potential risks of doing this incorrectly. I  was taught one of the less desirable ways at a well known avian facility.  Wonderful advice on skin/humidity issues.

8. Joy Halverson’s DNA sexing and Id is extremely well done. Very  strong authority without question.


I greatly appreciate Expert Companion Bird Care Series III as an  essential resource for anyone interested in purchasing or caring for their  birds. Veterinarians that accept avian patients should display this video in  their general public areas of their practice.



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