Expert Companion Bird Care Series: Volume III

DVD Review

By Barbara Heidenreich

Good news. Avian veterinarian Dr. Scott Echols has released the third in his Expert Companion Bird Care series. What I love most about these videos is that they really do feature experts. Sadly the internet has made it possible for many self proclaimed experts with no credentials to get a foothold in the companion parrot community, but not in this video! When Joy Halverson DVM, MPVM talks about DNA sexing you can trust that  she is a respected authority on the topic.

Dr Halverson gives a very informative presentation on just how DNA sexing works. I also enjoyed learning from Dr Halverson that I can save a drop of blood on a piece of paper to genetically ID my parrot. I remember when some bird show colleagues had a flighted African grey parrot end up in the hands of some questionable people. The thieves claimed the bird was their own and the police had to finally come confiscate the bird. Had it taken more proof, that drop of blood would have come in handy.

Other experts include board certified avian veterinarian Dr Laurie Hess. She discusses options for trimming nails and wings. Some nice graphics helps illustrate some of the finer details of nail trimming. Be sure to look for a bright yellow cockatiel in this segment. That would be my very own Banana Puddin.’ She doesn’t demo any trimming procedures but does add some nice flavor to the mix of gorgeous parrot footage spread throughout the DVD.

Evaluating specialty pet stores and corporate stores as sources for birds, supplies and information is also discussed. These two segments offer some important insights for parrot enthusiasts. We sometimes forget a store is operated by people, whether it is small or large. And these people can be important resources for customers. I think many will find it interesting that experts for small and large stores both share similar recommendations when evaluating a pet store. The bottom line is a store with high standards of care, cleanliness, product selection and educated staff is worth supporting with your business. They make it easier for us to provide the best for our feathered companions.

Dr Echols has more in the series on the way. I am looking forward to viewing the next one. Visit this link to purchase Expert Companion Bird Care Series: Volume III

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