By Laurella Desborough

In my opinion as a long time bird breeder, I am still interested in learning about bird care and I was excited to find that I learned new information about birds while watching this DVD.

The material is outstanding and covers the critical areas for the pet owner, the bird breeder, the pet store staffer, and student veterinarians going to work with birds. I think it will also be helpful to state and federal agency staffers and others who are seeking basic information about birds. The visual material is well presented.

The sound is clear and precise. The approach of using several different experts for the various topic areas is great. I hope this DVD is going to be available in the offices of veterinarians, in pet stores, and on the internet, because the information is valuable and needed. I look forward to the next DVD in the series. Congratulations on an excellent product for an important project.

Laurella Desborough, Avian Breeder

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