Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Sept 15, 2010 Vol 237, No 6

 Reviewed by Kelly M. Phillips, MS, DVM


Expert Companion Bird Care Series: Volume 1 is a video compilation of narrated pertinent topics relating to companion parrot ownership. Six board-certified avian veterinarians address subjects ranging from the identification of common parrots in the pet trade to the selection of an avian veterinarian. The video is designed to be a basic guide for bird owners, and in that respect it is successful. Despite the lengthy narrator introductions and rare text misspellings, the video provides new or uneducated bird owners with appropriate information regarding the selection and proper care of a parrot. Excellent yet brief information is provided regarding housing, nutrition, and household hazards. Thoughtful questions to ask when choosing an avian veterinarian are discussed as well as what to expect during an avian wellness examination. The importance of home monitoring for early detection of illness in birds is also stressed. The education of owners of exotic pets has an importance that cannot be understated, and this video is another educational tool for avian veterinarians.

Therefore, Expert Companion Bird Care Series: Volume 1 would be a good selection for clients who are new to or who are considering bird ownership. It is not as detailed as some of the books available on bird care, nor does it delve into species differences, but it does open the door to additional conversations between clients and veterinarians. The education it provides is certainly worth the recommended sales price.—By M. Scott Echols & Brian L. Speer. 1 DVD; illustrated. Avian Studios, PO Box 540248, Salt Lake City, UT 84054. ISBN none. 2010. Price $24.95.

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