Expert Companion Bird Care Series: Volume II
Scott Echols, DVM, DAPVP, Brian Speer, DVM, DABVP, DECZM
Reviewed by: Oreta M. Samples
4 Stars out of 5.

This is the second of a series of videos on companion birds that is currently being created. It is broken down into three sections that include: The History of Bird Keeping (Dr. Crystal Pollock); Selecting a Bird That Fits Your Lifestyle (Dr. Lauren Powers) and lastly Understanding Aviculture (Rick Jordan).

The History of Bird Keeping was by far the reviewer’s favorite based on her love of ancient history as it explores aviculture’s’ beginning with the Egyptians reverence of birds that extends to mummification and extends all the way to the appreciation of birds that was evidenced in their treatment by Aristotle and Pliny the Elder. The 2nd section is perhaps more input to the person considering the purchase of a bird as it takes the would be bird owner through a series of questions allowing them to explore whether or not bird long-term ownership is right for their lifestyle, their domicile, and their personality. One of the most interesting considerations brought to the viewer’s attention as criteria to be considered is the prospective owner’s tolerance to noise. The reviewer found this to be an extremely valuable consideration based on the antics of her roommate’s African Grey as she (and the bird) watched the DVD.

The third section which addresses the science of aviculture is perhaps the most relevant to veterinarians and veterinary technicians as it discusses the aspects of breeding and commercial provision of pet birds beginning over 30 years ago in this country. While not particularly medically oriented, the emphasis on birding husbandry is an interesting phenomenon to understand.

This DVD is one that has been created with attention to detail and beautiful footage of rare as well as common avian species. It is as entertaining as it is educational. For veterinary technician educators, this DVD as well as the initial DVD (and undoubtedly the future installments) could serve as excellent resources for students in the understanding of the beginnings of avian husbandry. For a veterinarian or veterinary technician the DVD is of limited value clinically, however it does have merit as a resource which clinicians may recommend to their clients when the conversation arises on “getting a bird.” For this reason the reviewer rates the film as 4 out of 5.

Publisher: Avian Studies (2011)
DVD- 40 minutes
ISBN#: 793573924322
VIN Store: Currently available.

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