I would like to compliment the authors and editors of Volume II of the Expert Companion Bird Care Series.

While the keeping of pet birds and the breeding of a wide variety of birds has been documented to occur over many centuries, there is presently a lack of information about aviculture. Basic information concerning the care of pet birds is available, but most people are not aware of the husbandry practices involved in aviary management and in the production of healthy pet birds. While many thousands of individuals and families enjoy parrots and other birds as pets in their homes, there are powerful forces working against pet ownership and bird keeping. That is why the information on this DVD is so timely for pet owners, veterinarians, re-homing facilities, and officials with legislative and/or regulatory powers, as well as members of the general public.

Information presented shows photos and artwork of people in past centuries who enjoyed and valued their pet parrots. Information also covers the selection of a pet bird and the main reasons people enjoy parrots: beauty, intelligence, speaking ability, and companionship.

It is critical that more people gain a better understanding of professional aviculture and avian husbandry practices. This DVD provides insight into aviculture. Professionals who breed birds follow safe practices to prevent diseases, they provide appropriate veterinary medical care to their flocks, they house their birds in appropriate flights or cages, and they use humane methods of care. New techniques are covered, such as artificial incubation. Hand rearing procedures have improved since the major avicultural facilities were established in the seventies and eighties. Commercially produced bird foods and hand rearing formulas have been developed. Avian veterinary medicine has progressed. Major research projects have been conducted on diet and diseases of parrots and other birds.

I believe Volume II of the Expert Companion Bird Care Series will provide valuable information to everyone interested in pet birds and aviculture.

Laurella Desborough

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