Expert Companion Bird Care Series, Volume 1

Producer: M. Scott Echols, Diplomate ABVP and Brian L. Speer, DVM, Diplomate ABVP, ECZM

Reviewed by: Dr. Oreta M. Samples, DHSc, MPH, LVT

Veterinary Support Personnel Network

Veterinary educators are constantly on the lookout for audio-visual aides that will enhance the lessons that they promote throughout their curriculums. The first volume of this series is a stellar example educational resource at its finest. Set up like a movie with six chapters on bird topics, each which could be accessed independently of the others for quick review. The DVD can be viewed all at once or in sections as areas are covered in class. Each chapter begins with an in-depth introduction of the veterinarian who is presenting the chapter which includes contact information for that individual.

With a total run time of eighty-eight minutes, each chapter is approximately 15 minutes long and packs a lot into a little time without being overwhelming. With stunning photography that remains sharp, clear and allows the viewer to inspect distinguishing features of birds, it allows one to identify species and determine the sexual orientation of patients. While this DVD is one which can be utilized by bird owners, the video is also an excellent reference for veterinary technicians and anyone involved within an avian clinical practice including veterinarians and handlers. The language is clinical without being confusing, yet presented in such a way as to allow laypersons to understand without difficulty.

Among some of the perks discussed within this DVD include:

  • Ease of language delivery within the chapter
  • Bird cages as furniture: A worthy investment (Chapter 2)
  • Specific cage measurements for specific species (Chapter 2)
  • Bird cage accessories – safety versus cute (Chapter 2)
  • Documentary style presentation of bird food creation (Chapter 4)
  • Visual filming of “sick” birds and how they may behave (Chapter 5)
  • Visual depiction of droppings both normal and abnormal (Chapter 5)
  • How to select the avian veterinarian that is right for you…and your bird

Publisher: Avian Studios (2010),

DVD format – 88 minutes

ISBN 10: 9357375516


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