What a fun little ride this second installment of the Expert Companion Bird Series is! I really enjoyed it.  It is entertaining and informative, beautifully edited and inspiring. This may not be a long DVD, but it sure is chocked full of great stuff for everyone from a first time bird owner to a long time breeder.

First stop – Dr. Pollock.  The President’s parrot said what? They started selling “bird related items” when? Who had a Hyacinth?  Some surprising facts that made me smile.

Second stop – Dr. Powers.  Practical suggestions on how to decide what bird would be right for your situation. In a house? In an apartment? Travel a lot? Homebody? Lots of items to think about when deciding on a companion bird.

Third stop – “Dr.” Rick Jordan (well, he should have a doctorate in something!). Interesting facts about breeders and how they advanced our knowledge of birds. How their experience with breeding/nesting/rearing has greatly helped aviculture and conservation. Lots of wonderful information and advice for anyone interested in birds.

Dr Echols, your passion comes through every frame of this DVD. From the outdoor shots of the wild birds to the indoor shots of our beloved companion parrots, the entire DVD is vivid with feathers of all types. I am really looking forward to the next installation of this amazing series!


Paula Nowak

Bird Owner and Enthusiast

Garden Ridge, Texas

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