• Easy to understand speech and language.
  • Concepts presented in a logical sequence and easy to understand format.
  • Good filming and foraging ideas for all levels of bird…very comprehensive.
  • I liked the use of wild animals as examples.  I think it makes it easier for people, especially skeptics and beginners, to believe the importance of foraging.
  • I love the presentation (DVD cover, insert and disk photos). 
  • Very informative in a very concise package.  It was definitely not “information overload” for those new to foraging.  It makes foraging seem very do-able and not like a giant hassle.  
  • I’m very excited at the potential of this video.  It should really help a lot of people improve their birds’ circumstances.
  • Have you considered doing a series of these? I’m sure you’re ready to start on another.   Maybe a Companion Parrot Health and Well-Being Series including chapters on Diet & Nutrition, Trick Training, How to Introduce a New Bird into Your Home, How to Properly Socialize, Teaching Speech, Flight Training, Safety Issues……….and I’m sure you can think of a dozen others. 

 Ali Weatherford, Austin, Texas

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