Re: Captive Foraging – The Next Best Thing to Being Free

This DVD is, simply stated, excellent!

Dr Echols has presented what could be an overwhelming and intimidating subject in a simple, understandable and practical manner that both veterinarians and our clients can easily put into application for their birds. I hope to be able to provide copies of this material to clients as a portion of the environmental enrichment and behavioral work we are doing daily with our patients. Life in a cage is far from adequate – even with established sound basic physical health and a good diet. Captive foraging exercise, as a component of environmental enrichment, actually provides purpose and fulfills these bird’s days with an essential array of daily maintenance behaviors. Well done!

Brian Speer, DVM
Diplomate, ABVP, Certified in avian practice
Diplomate, ECAMS, Certified specialist in avian medicine and surgery (Europe)


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